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We hold up to twenty events per year, the mainstay of which are around ten evening meetings open to RCEA Members and the general railway engineering fraternity to share industry knowledge through presentations, Q&A and within a less formal social setting afterwards. Please note that depending on the event we may levy a charge on non-RCEA members who attend - this increases the benefits of becoming a member if you aren't already!

Evening Meetings are usually arranged for the last Thursday of each month (occasionally altered to suit holiday periods). We have two seasons with Spring (January to June) and Autumn (September to December). There are both London events (information and directions) at the Institution of Civil Engineers and regional events across the country from time to time. If you have been to some and benefitted, please consider joining us to get future updates and the most from our association.

Other events such as Site Visits, International Trips and Parliamentary Receptions are arranged on a bespoke basis and are open to members only - another great reason to join!

For details of all our previous events see our Public Events History or check out our full archive in the Members Area.


Event Booking

Please use the following link to access the event booking links for our activites on the ICE website:


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Below are the details of our upcoming events for the next few months:

27th February 2020

RCEA London Informal Discussion


Sheffield Tram-Train

Speaker: Tim Kendall
Date-Time: 27th February 2020 18:00, tea & coffee from 17:30
Venue: Godfrey Mitchell Theatre, ICE, London

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26th March 2020

RCEA London Informal Discussion


HS2 Green Tunnels


Speaker: Chris Smith - COWI, Adrian StJohn - EKJV
Date-Time: 26th March 2020 18:00, tea & coffee from 17:30
Venue: Godfrey Mitchell Theatre, ICE, London
April 2020 AGM Seminar

RCEA London AGM Seminar


East-West Rail Technical Seminar

The Past: Evergreen 3

The Present: Western Section

The Future: Central Section

Speaker: TBC
Date-Time: 30th April 2020 14:00
Venue: ICE, London
30th April 2020

RCEA Annual General Meeting

Subject: Annual General Meeting
Chair: Stewart Piercy
Date-Time: 30th April 2019
Venue: Godfrey Mitchell Theatre, ICE, London


RCEA Members see AGM archive for papers: AGM archive


This follows the RCEA AGM Seminar which is free to RCEA Members

3rd December 2020



RCEA Christmas Lecture


Topic TBC

There will be a mulled wine and mince pie reception afterwards.

Speaker: TBC
Date-Time: 3rd December 2019 18:00, tea & coffee from 17:30
Venue: Godfrey Mitchell Theatre, ICE, London



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Spring 2020

  • 27th Feb - Sheffield Tram-Train
  • 26th Mar - HS2 Green Tunnels
  • 30th Apr - East West Rail AGM Seminar
  • 28th May - The view from the ORR

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