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As part of our wider professional interations with railway industry organisations to promote Railway Civil Engineering, we suport their events to provide a variety of learning opportunities for our membership and theirs. The organisations include the Young Railway Professionals, The Railway Engineers Forum and our key association with the Institution of Civil Engineers as an Associated Society.

Below are links to upcoming events for our associated organisation the next few months:

Young Railway Professionals

Young Rail Professionals (YRP) bring together young people from across the UK railway industry, covering all aspects of the industry from engineering, to asset management, train operations, strategic planning, rolling stock design, maintenance, franchising, regulation, marketing, etc.

Events cover a variety of topics including railway civil engineering and we encourage our Young and Graduate Members to check out thier events to build their CPD across a multi-disciplinary base.


YRP Events Page


The Railway Engineers Forum


Uniting many of the key institutions and associations across the railway industry engineering fraternity, the Railway Engineers Forum coordinates the events of the constituent bodies: -

Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE); Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET); Insitution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE); Insitution of Railway Operators (IRO); Institution of Railway Signalling Engineers (IRSE); Permanent Way Institution (PWI) and Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT).

We support our membership developing their professional knowledge through the other body events, easily accesible through the REF Listing of Combined Events.


REF Combined Events Listing


Institution of Civil Engineers


The Railway Civil Engineers' Association is an Associated Society of the ICE and we coordinate our events with the other associated societies through the ICE. The RCEA events form part of the ICE CPD offering and we support other ICE events around the contry to promote Railway Civil Engineering.



ICE Events Page


ICE Associated Societies Page


RCEA: Events

Spring 2022

  • 31 March - Railway Overhead Electrification

Other RCEA Events