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Sharing and advancing knowledge, the RCEA and its members seek to enhance people's lives as a Civil Engineer.


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The Railway Civil Engineers' Association works closely with different disciplines through the following organisations to develop coherent strategies for the UK rail network including training and development of engineers at all levels:

  Institution of Civil Engineers 

  Including the ICE Transport Panel, Transport Editorial Advisory Panels and Transport Experts Network

  Associated Societies

  The Railway Engineers Forum

  Permanent Way Institution  

  Young Railway Professionals  



RCEA: How to Join


The easiest way to join us is Online by clicking on the picture link above and filling in our application form.


  • We are launching the Young Railway Civil Engineers' section of the RCEA focusing on knowledge sharing, learning and development between members of our association and the railway industry.

    See our news article for more.

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  • We are looking to market our current stock of Member Ties for £5.

    If Members are interested we will operate an honesty box at our meetings, or contact us at


  • 25 Oct

    Global Engineering Congress

    18:00 for 18:30 Start @ ICE London

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